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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

#3 - Unlock your friend's maxis PIN number

[I just realize this wasn't working anymore after make this post.. sorry. But you still can read it for fun.]

Huhu.. this trick isn't difficult to do. But perform it at your own risk. Here's what you can do when you get very boring. First asked your friend to set a PIN for his/her maxis phone. Then ask him/her to off her handphone and telling you are going to open her phone using magic style. Lol..

Here's what you should do:

1. First, Log in to maxis PUK recovery website. Key-in your friend's phone number, and copy the PUK code.

2. Then using her phone, switch-on her phone and key-in 3 times for any PIN number. Hehe.. this one is risky enough.

3. Then the phone will block further attempt and asked for the PUK code. This is where you will key-in the PUK code that you copy from maxis site. :)

4. Set the new PIN code, I suggest only use PIN : 1234 as a precaution when you forget to tell your friend the new PIN number.

5. There! You can access your friend's phone now.

Again, use it at your own risk. If anything unexpected happen, feel free to ring the maxis center at : your nearest Maxis Center. :p

Monday, 14 January 2008

Money is not everything... but

"Money is not everything, but everything is money.."

Today.. I have an interesting experienced (i won't call it bad) during my life at UTM. It's enlighten me about something, something that show how money is so important in our life. So here's the story..

20:00 : Me and Fairuz, my coursemate, decided to go dinner at Kolej 9 cafe, which is the place about 5 km from our Kolej 17. We had nasi campur during our dinner. Very hungry, cannot wait for the hot food order. Hehe.

21:00 : On the way returning to our college, Fairuz received a call from his nephew saying her is sick and critical. Out of breath. So without wasting any time, we turned back to KTC, college next to Kolej 9, to her nephew block.

21:10 : Expecting we came with a car, all of her friends (about 7 of them) come out from the girl's block carrying her to us. Hehe.. Very shame moment when they thought the pakcik must be someone older and came with a car to bring her to hospital.

21:15 : We managed to get someone attention to carry her to hospital after making several unanswered calls. Its the Pengarah Unit Kebudayaan UTM. We then took her to the UTM Health Center.

21:30 : She still out of breath (sesak nafas..). So the nurse and doctor there suggested to take her to Hospital Sultanah Aminah (HSA), Johor Bahru.

22:00 : Me and Fairuz and the patient and two of her friends went to the HSA using an ambulance. Hehe.. Its my first time being inside an ambulance, with the loud sirens, and we can see all the cars and vehicle making ways, and the police road block (well recently many road blocks in JB) which we just passed through smoothly.. Haha..

22:30 : We arrived. She was taken to the emergency units. Huhu.. Its been a while since my last time been at any hospital. We can see many type of patients there. Some scary, some critical, some are okay.. During that time, there are 5 policemen guarding one scary looking guy that was taken to the emergency unit on that night. Huhu..

23:30 : Fairuz's nephew was ok.She able to stand and smile and walk as usual. Now it's time to move back to UTM. One obstacle, we don't have enough money to pay the taxi at this midnight time. At this time I was realized that money is so important in our life. Both of our scholarship sponsor, the JPA hasn't bank in any money yet since this semester started. For those three person, we sacrifice our RM25.00 (the only money we have) so that they can go back UTM that night.

00:00 : After Isyak prayer, I and Fairuz started our jouney to UTM. One choice - "walking down the street!". Wow, it's a new record then since my last record of walking 5km at 2am from K17 to KP searching something that drop from my motorcycle.

00:30 : Arrived at Danga Bay. We just taking fresh air.. and loafing until 2.45 am just to kill the time. Until Danga Bay closed la.

02:45 : We continue our journey. FYI, we just walking from HSA to Danga Bay and to next destination during this night. (To be continued..)

Saturday, 12 January 2008

#2 - Read Online Newspaper

Did you know almost all the newspaper here in Malaysia has their online version? I have already posted in my computer blog. If you want to tried it, here is the link :

For those from other country, try this website :

Friday, 11 January 2008

#1 - Play Windows Game

I assume for those who are working in front of pc out there must already tried playing windows game. You know, that solitaire, freecell, hearts, minesweaper. :) Its the easiest way to 'kill' time during your 'free' time. For those who cannot find the games on your Start Menu (I assume you guys use WindowsXP), try this alternative.

Windows games shortcut key:

Go to Start Menu -> Run..
for solitaire, type : sol
for minesweaper, type : winmine
for msheart, type : heart
for freecell, type : freecell

That should bring out the game if your administrator deleted the shortcut link. Have fun :)

Maxis Line Redirection Problem?

Sometimes when I called my friends or my family using maxis line, they got redirected to some other line. "Hello?". "Hello, ayah ada?". "Ayah? wrong number la.. Chinese here." "Sorry.." Damn. It happen, so, so many times.. More than the fingers in one side hand (more than five times la..).

One case happen to me when I was called by an unknown phone number, the same person twice times, and then I asked what number he want to call. So, he said the number, and surprisingly, that number is exactly as mine but the last digit is missed. Let say my number 012-3456789, then his friend number is 012-3456787.

Huh.. Did you guys happen the same problem too? The chances they mistype the number is low because they only push the dial button after select the name from their Phonebook.

What happen maxis ha? Their network is not stable? The wireless data encapsulation lost in the air eh? 101010101, the last digit lost then. :p I don't have money to called someone else la.. Its troublesome when we have little credit enough for one single call only. Ish2.. Hey, sometimes we can hear other person voice message when dialled *1*.. Very funny :P

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Boring Day

Today is a boring day.. I don't know what to do. Updating blog? Huhu.. Too many comments for the new template of mywindowsxp. But I don't care now.. Lets just try it out. Let us find its true potential.

Watching movies? Nah.. I don't have money to go to the cinema right now. My scholarship isn't come out yet. New source for movies? Yeah.. Now movies can be find in front of you right now. Yup, in front of you. My friends and I just search and download any movies we want. Trust me. Any movies. Lots of things in the internet world right now. Maybe I would post '10 source for your free movies' at mywindowsxp. Hm.. I jotted down on my list that one.

So what to do know.. My FYP isn't working yet.. My Professor want to see some progression on how to put uCLinux into Altera DE2 Nios processor. "I'll give you two weeks", he said last week. Huhu..

So, what to do know.. Where's my Casanova DVD.. Fav of all time. :) Ok. Gotcha. Lord of the Rings. My Casanova DVD is lost.. Someone must have forgotten to return it back.

So, lets start the movie. Enjoy you guys.. :)

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